“May my heart be brave, my mind fierce, and my spirit free”

- Kate Forsyth

Welcome to a world where beauty, conscience, and self-expression go hand in hand. Come, join the A&B boho tribe <3

Our Label

America & Beyond is an artisanal boho clothing label that offers handcrafted bohemian fashion made for the creative, free-spirited woman with a zest for life. An inspired blend of contemporary western silhouettes and matchless eastern craftsmanship, our vibrant collections feature boho dresses, tops, skirts, pants, jackets, sandals, and many other beautiful styles.

Each offering at A&B has a uniquely global appeal with local, handmade charm. Our collections are a sincere celebration of the bohemian lifestyle, with vibrant colors, intricate embellishments, and unique patterns. We believe beauty and comfort go hand-in-hand and choose natural, comfortable fabrics and flattering silhouettes. The result? Clothes and accessories that make you look effortlessly beautiful, and at ease in your own skin.

Our garments and accessories are handcrafted with love by our team of incredibly talented local artisans from India. Over the years, we have nurtured and grown a family of over 700 skilled artisans from local communities. Each piece crafted is a labor of love, using trusted age-old methods, with fabrics that are built to last.

Fairtrade practices and sustainability lies at the core of our ethos as a brand, and this philosophy drives every decision taken at each stage of creation - from conceptualization, designing, sourcing, production to waste management.

We’re grateful to our ever-growing global tribe of patrons, and love creating beautiful boho clothing for them that’s one-of-a-kind. We ship our products globally, and our pieces are carried at select stores and boutiques in over 50 countries across the world.

Our Inspiration

The global nomad

Our muse is the global nomad - a bohemian soul who sees the interconnectedness of all things, appreciates the beauty of diverse cultures, and is comfortable in her skin. We’re inspired by her ethos, and thrive on crafting high-quality boho clothing that’s unique, comfortable, and truly beautiful.

We’re endlessly inspired by vibrant cultures across the world, and love combining boho-chic styles with traditional patterns and western silhouettes. From stunning hand-embellished boho dresses, embroidered kaftans to tribal beaded sandals, each piece is a work of art that you can wear.

Our design team is inspired by ancient art forms from across diverse cultures, and incorporate traditional motifs, embellishments, and threadwork into our garments, with stunning results. To us, God is in the details, and it’s these intricate elements that make a garment truly special.

How It All Began

A&B is the brainchild of the Indian-born, Michigan-based sibling duo, Parul and Mohit Juneja. Born in a family that’s been in the textile designing and manufacturing business across three generations, the Junejas built upon this priceless know-how, and combined global sensibilities with their Indian roots to nurture the A&B philosophy.

The duo experimented with blending contemporary western fashion aesthetics with the quintessentially bohemian elements of tribal Indian art forms, with gorgeous results. Each A&B garment and accessory bears this unique fingerprint. This passion to offer beautiful, artisan-made boho clothing to the world gave birth to the A&B brand.

A&B is a family-owned business that is a labour of love, with Parul and Mohit personally involved in overseeing all the crucial aspects of the brand - from designing, production, to marketing and beyond. They work hand-in-hand with their team of artisans, and patrons, to continually evolve their designs, patterns and create fresh, new collections.

Our Team

Say hello to the beaming faces and happy hands behind our creations! At A&B, each piece is handmade with love by our incredibly talented team of over 700 local Indian artisans. This highly skilled team is equipped with industry-leading equipment and working gear, so they have everything they need to work happily and handle each piece with the care and detail that it deserves. To us, a happy and motivated team is the only way to create high-quality garments that are truly one of a kind. We are proud of this ever-growing family, many of whom have been with us for over 30 years.

Over the years, A&B has grown this community of skilled artisan-leaders to create and sustain positive social change. Empowered with thriving livelihoods, our decades of work with these communities have created a virtuous creative and economic circle, where these age-old crafts and skills are passed on to their children, ensuring that they are preserved.

Our team of artisans is our backbone, and we do everything possible to give them a fulfilling, dignified and secure way of life. All our artisans are paid generous wages, offered healthcare that covers their families, a one-year paid maternity leave, and a host of other employee benefits. We support our artisans’ aspirations and offer them and their family members with financial assistance to pursue higher education.

We are invested in grooming our artisans for leadership roles, and constantly equip them with diverse skill sets through training workshops. We are proud to nurture our pool of in-house talent - many of our artisans go on to head our in-house committees, leadership roles, and senior managerial positions.

Our Workspaces

All A&B garments are handcrafted in our garment factories that are located in the Delhi-NCR region in India. Each of the factories has spacious, well-lit and well-ventilated working conditions that are conducive for the teams to work at their best while being in a comfortable environment. Our artisans are equipped with industry-leading production equipment and all necessary working gear needed to work safely and comfortably.

We are proud to create all A&B garments and accessories at factories that are fully owned by us - we do not outsource any aspect of our production process. Being in full control of the creation process is extremely important to us, as we feel it’s the only way to offer matchless quality and work with uncompromising ethics.

Our factories have beautiful community areas for the artisans to relax whenever they wish to unwind. The well-equipped kitchens offer nutritious free lunches that are cooked every day for the team. Fostering a safe and creative working atmosphere is very important to us - it’s a crucial key to nurturing our team and keeping them happy and motivated.

Our Values

Committed to Fair Trade Practices From the Ground Up

We are wholeheartedly committed to fair trade practices and sustainable fashion. This philosophy, often used as a catchphrase in the industry, is at the heart of all our decisions and drives all A&B processes - from designing, nurturing our team, production, and all the way to recycling and waste management.

Sustainable Fashion

With the power to create, comes the power to create responsibly. At A&B, the process of creation matters as much as the end result, and we’re passionate about creating sustainably made garments that are beautiful and built to last.

We’re exceptionally devoted to minimizing our environmental footprint in every way possible. This is why we’ve adopted eco-conscious methods of production. This philosophy drives our earliest stages of creation (conceptualizing, designing) and is carried forward until the very last (recycling, disposal management).

We lay a heavy focus on choosing natural fabrics and sustainable materials during the designing process. In our catalog, you will find a beautifully diverse selection of garments and accessories made with natural materials such as jute, pure cotton, and handwoven jacquard.

We make sure to use our beautiful fabrics in every way possible, and not throw away leftover materials after the garment. We upcycle our leftover fabrics in ingenious ways and transform them into stunning rugs, pouches, coin bags, and other beautiful accessories. This not only makes sure that we creatively use our leftover materials, but also massively reduces waste and lessens the load on landfills.

Responsible Use Of Precious Resources

We take every step possible to reduce our environmental footprint, and a key aspect of it is using water judiciously throughout our production process. We have an elaborate rainwater harvesting setup and a specialized wastewater filtration plant that has helped us in drastically reducing our water usage.

Our Tribe

Here’s a big, warm hug for joining our ever-growing A&B boho tribe! The bohemian philosophy is about being true to oneself and at its heart is connecting with like-minded souls, no matter where they are across the world. We’re lucky to have patrons like you from all over the world who appreciate our ethics of creating beautiful, handmade, artisanal boho clothing. You’re the reason why we’re so passionate about it all!

We love hearing from our patrons and use the feedback to customize and curate our collections with newer styles, colors, and silhouettes that you’ll love. Our doors are always open to hearing from you, so feel free to write to us! Whether you’d like to share your thoughts, ideas, or just say hello, we’d love to hear from you. Once again, we welcome you to the world of A&B - happy exploring!